When the fire trucks are gone, you still require maximum immediate response services from professionals who are highly trained and skilled with the best of cutting edge equipment to take care of fire and smoke hazards. Without this, consider the real damage and costs – just beginning.

If you desire to bring back your residential or commercial property to its pre-loss situation, you have to immediately call out for professional restoration service providers in New York as this is not a job for a do-it-yourself property holder.

For maximum outcomes – you can put full confidence in having us as your standby Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Company.

Restoring properties can be very complex, thus appropriate smoke and odor removal becomes a vital task that needs top skilled technicians who are certified in such areas.

When choosing a certified fire and smoke damage restoration company in New York, you must consider certain factors that are paramount:

  • Such company should have formal and latest specialized training
  • Requisite Health and safety certifications
  • Wide Experience in a vast range of restoration tasks/projects
  • Adequate proof of insurance and licenses – amongst other variables…

Our process can be seen as below:


Step 1

The Call / Emergency Contact

When you call us today, we will speak with you responding to all your fire damage emergency questions – very quickly and efficiently. This initial contact is essential as part of a fast, effective fire damage restoration exercise.


Step 2

Fire and Smoke Damage Evaluation Process

We will visit your location to inspect your environment/property’s fire damage, so as to determine the range and magnitude of fire damage with areas & parts affected. This is an essential process that helps us create an effective plan of action that leads to successful restoration.


Step 3

The Smoke Removal Process

We will eliminate smokes using our high-tech equipment and skilled workforce that will go extra mile to leave no stone unturned. We do this fast so as to reduce further damages.


Step 4

Final smoke elimination

Once this has been taken care of, we further utilize equipment to deliver final smoke elimination process.


Step 5

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We then provide Cleaning and Sanitizing.


Step 6

Restoration process

And then finally provide the Restoration process as we restore your home or business back to its “pre-fire damage” condition. We achieve great results as all of our technicians are local and well trained, and we have all the new machines required for top quality job!

At this point, if you have need for effective fire and smoke damage restoration solutions, you can call us after contacting your insurance company and we will come and take care of everything from A-Z – also billing your insurance directly – to your convenience.

In the event that a fire has taken over a home or any space, emitting smokes and ashes, it’s very essential to start the clean up as soon as possible in order to avoid lasting damage or stains from grime residue. And this is why you need to quickly reach out to a fire damage restoration company with proven track record and reputation that you can count on.

We advise also that you should check with your insurance firm and find out if smoke damage is covered by your policy, and where it applies, we will take it up with your insurance company, making you enjoy the best of restoration service designed to salvage your living space.

Whilst you can attend to mild tasks where applicable in this context, when the damage and residue becomes really heavy, it is best to quickly call on a professional to exhaustively restore your home or business area and belongings.

We simply take care of everything from A-Z, making sure we provide the perfect smoke remediation exercise and best of fire damage restoration solutions in New York. It is expedient that whenever fire warps a structure, you should quickly consult a licensed fire damage restoration firm.

Expert restoration technicians know that damage escalates and then restoration costs shoots up and the best way to save a client from such expenses – is to quickly respond to emergency damage repair scenes. When property holders delay the restoration of their home, indirectly they are extending the impacts brought on by the smoke exposure.

When fire and smoke affects a home, just within minutes, there will be acid soot residues that will cause plastics and other items to stain, amongst other discolorations. And then in the space of few hours, acid residues move on to stain bathroom grouts, fiberglass fixtures getting stained yellow, counter tops stained, appliances, mostly refrigerators and furniture getting discolored – amongst others. And then within days, all stains become permanent yellow stains, with metals corroding, etc.

Waiting this long – within weeks – fire and smoke damage restoration costs becomes higher than what it should have been if issues were handled much quicker. Cleaning up soot residue must be carried out as swiftly as possible. For the duration of combustion, soot residues and unstable vapors are carried by rising and increasing air – to surfaces all through the structure, and are left deposited in the spot. This line of action happens repeatedly until burning subsides, and then with soot residue forming on the surfaces – layer by layer.

When it gets that bad, by the time a restoration expert arrives scene, thick and terrible soot residue may then become more difficult to dissolve and remove – pushing cost of service higher.

We ensure to clean salvageable areas and items to typically eradicate odor-causing residues. We drive away all forms of odor with our powerful eco-friendly certified products. We then seal salvageable areas that are unreachable or slightly charred, not only for aesthetic resolutions, but predominantly to condense odor and prevent advanced recontamination.

We are professionals in this industry and have salvaged many homes and business locations that had experienced such fire disasters. We help remove residues, rid your home and space of its smoke-filled odor. We will examine the area and eliminate the source point of odor as quickly as possible, including those items that are deemed unsalvageable which contributes to odor buildup and re-adulteration of cleaned and deodorized spots.

When you well understand the impacts of a fire incidence, it will aid you as a homeowner to easily evaluate the damage it can cause to a home. By reaching out for expert restoration solutions on time, you will be able to very much minimize the need for costly repair. As New York most preferred fire and smoke damage restoration experts – we can professionally help you restore your home and furnishings back to its “pre-loss” situation.

Fires can be particularly shattering to your home or business. We have experts who have specialized fire, smoke and water damage restoration training with many years of experience to rapidly clean up and restore your properties in New York City areas. These are fully equipped to help eliminate inescapable smoke odors and clean soot residues from upholstery and floor carpets.

As Professionals, we offer you 24 hours 7 days Emergency Service in New York areas with highly trained fire and water restoration experts. And no matter the size of incidence, we respond very fast at all times to save the affected area. We are simply the Trusted Leader in the Damage Restoration Industry in Queens, Nassau, Brooklyn and Manhattan and we are also the Preferred Vendor for Several Big and Local Insurance Firms in the states’.

Why choose us when there are other Professionals? The answer is because we are the professional company other professionals model! We simply deliver the best fire damage restoration results in the U.S marketplace. And we are faster and most affordable! We are fully committed to always respond whenever you need our services with respect to any fire or water damage event. Our rapid response will help reduce the damages, further stop prospective damages and completely minimize cost that could be incurred as a result of the disaster.

Because we are fully aware of how devastating a fire can be, leaving your home and space unsafe and unlivable, our trained experts are always accessible to clean and restore your property with as little disruption as possible, and perfectly within your schedule.

As a leading fire and smoke damage restoration company in the states’ – we deliver a winning cleaning process, that is done by expert hands offering very fast and professional cleaning services – simply getting things done with our newest equipment, and experienced technicians. We always move fast with our truck to meet your schedule!

Our Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Service is distinct, well-structured and guaranteed to deliver satisfactory results. We have the technical know-how and equipment to rapidly restore your home or business area to its “pre-fire damage” condition. We utilize systematic approach to smoke and odor removal and cleanup solutions which underscores monitoring and detailing the entire process from start to end.