Any property whether in a home or in a business place – has the potentials of quickly getting infested with mold as soon as water is introduced to the scene. Such water source could be from flood damage – or from a roof or plumbing leakage. When mold breaks out, it has the capacity to quickly spread all through the property in as little as 48 to 72 hours. Allowing mold in your environment – no matter its root cause – to thrive, means you are permitting the growth of allergens and irritants that have the possibility of causing other health problems.

Everyone relies on our New York Mold Removal Solutions because our Professionals deliver:

  • 24/7 Mold Removal Emergency Service
  • Quicker Response to Any Size of Disaster
  • The best of specialized technicians who are friendly and yet highly professional

When you contact us – we simply help you take care of everything from A to Z, and we also work with your insurance company to further take care of the damages – all to your maximum satisfaction.

Whenever you discover or suspect that your home or business space has a mold issue, you can quickly call on us as your New York Mold Removal or Mold Remediation Company and our Professionals will come inspect and assess your property. In the place where mold is found, our experts will quickly get to work, ensuring all molds sources are taken care of and molds completely eliminated. Our technicians have many years of experience in the field, with loads of training, cutting edge equipment, and world-class expertise to handle any mold situation.

Understanding Mold

Studies have shown that microscopic mold spores tend to be present almost everywhere, whether outdoors or indoors. This makes it almost impossible to eliminate them all at once. This is why it is important to hire the services of a pro mold removal company that has all the requisite equipment and manpower to restore the home or business space effectively.

Let us consider the following mold realities:

  • Mold exists virtually everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • The spores are very microscopic and drift thru the air. These can easily penetrate into your home through windows, doors, or Air Conditioning units, or even come in thru affected clothing or pet.
  • Mold spores flourish on moisture surfaces and can rapidly grow into clusters when exposed to water.
  • Prior to carrying out any mold removal and remediation exercise, any sources of water or moisture must be first attended to or else the mold may return.
  • When mold is present in an environment, it often creates a strong, stale odor and thus can lead to possible mold health related problem.
  • Apparently even higher than standard indoor humidity can aid mold growth, so strive to ensure indoor humidity is always lesser than 45 percent.

Our in-house trained, licensed and certified Mold Removal Professionals are fully committed to responding to you instantly whenever you reach out to us. We know that a prompt emergency response will always help to reduce damages, limit further damages, and in overall minimize cost. We have Highly Trained Mold Remediation Experts that fully specialize in water and mold damage restoration, the foundation of our business here in New York City. We simply have all that is required such as adequate training, cutting edge equipment and expertise to safely handle all mold situations and at affordable pricing.

As a winner any time, and as highly preferred by everyone, we utilize Advanced Mold Removal & Remediation Techniques and Equipment to salvage every area we manage in this context. Our latest advanced equipment has the capacity to identify any source of water serving the mold.

Note that mold remediation is much more than just identifying and addressing mold problems within any given structure. It takes calculated effort and skill to attain 100% success result. Our mold remediation solution services helps to avert the proliferation of mold by quarantining damaged areas, eliminating affected items and eradicating moisture sources, the exact cause of the mold in the first place, all in the bid to restore a healthy environment.

Our mold remediation involves our specialists coming over to your location and helping to address the damage and health risks related to mold. While some other companies will clean the mold with just bleach and water, this actually will not kill the mold. This is why we are the most preferred because our products ensure final blow on the mold, killing it all. Mold remediation is best left to a professional company to take care of as they are fully trained to handle hazardous content and also have the knowledge and experience of how to successfully eliminate the spread of mold to other areas.

Our specialized mold remediation exercise includes:

Assessing the area

At appointment, we will visit your home or business location and first detect moldy zones as well as source of problem. This helps us to properly convey an effective mold remediation plan.


We then address the moisture problems, and close off the affected area to prevent contaminating other parts of the living space as mold spores are stirred in the process of removal.


We use the best of industry standard filters to clean the air so as to get rid of mold spores and other particles.


Building items and other private belongings can get affected. Knowing well that mold is a living microscopic organism that can intensely etch itself into materials just to survive, we advise disposing anything porous. From experience, the best and effective way to make sure that mold doesn’t come back to your space is to eliminate affected items. In same vein, nonporous items will be thoroughly cleaned with best of products and antimicrobial cleaners to treat the areas. Clients’ heating and air conditioning areas will be professionally cleaned as well.

Drying process

This is a very essential part as we ensure all cleaned and restored items are thoroughly dried. We do this to ensure moisture doesn’t resurface as this is how the issue started in the first place. We do this to ensure your home doesn’t bump into future issues.

Repair process

Reconstruction process starts once all mold polluted items are removed.


Following – we look out for further signs of recurring water damage, moldy smells or any noticeable mold to certify the cleanup has been fruitful.

We then provide general Cleaning and Sanitizing.

And then finally provide the Restoration process as we restore your home or business back to its “pre-mold damage” condition.  We achieve great results as all of our technicians are local and well trained, and we have all the new machines required for top quality job!

Why You Shouldn’t Permit Mold Growth

Mold quickly propagates in dark, damp spots such as basements, and crawl areas. Within the right conditions, molds can quickly multiply – further triggering health risks and likely structural damages.

Health Perils of Mold Growth

Due to the health hazards connected with mold development, it is at your best interest to have a mold remediation exercise carried out as soon as possible. Molds have the capacity to cause health issues such as the following:


  • Headaches
  • Breathing complications
  • Insistent cough or cold symptoms
  • Eyes burning or irritation, and those of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs
  • Asthma outbreaks
  • Allergic reaction of pneumonitis
  • Skin irritation
  • And adaptable infections in immune conceded patients
  • Amongst others


While there are various kinds of mold – about 100 common kinds – the most typical kinds of indoor molds comprise –

  • Cladosporium
  • Penicillium
  • Alternaria
  • Aspergillus
  • Stachybotrys chartarum

Whenever you recognize signs of molds in your space, don’t ever neglect them to the backburner. You have to safeguard the health of your loved ones by contacting us right now for a consultation and mold removal quote.

We cover the Manhattan, Nassau, Queens and Brooklyn areas of New York and we provide the best of mold removal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also restore damages triggered by fire, water, flood, smoke, mold, and several more.

Our specialized mold removal teams are regarded as some of the best in the industry. Remember that proper structural drying averts mold development. It results from the failure of prompt and proper drying subsequent to water invasion.

To fully assuage its glaring issues, moisture levels in all affected areas and components must be ascertained to determine spots where the water damage has happened. Hidden moisture such as located within ceiling sections and wall cavities – must be trailed and measured. Also the perfect tools and equipment for the job must be appropriately placed and utilized for speedy drying. An every day to day moisture readings must be documented and reported as this is a serious defense in case of health assertions.

Our professional mold removal experts and trained technicians utilize the most current dehumidification and air cleansing equipment accessible – following all industry stipulated guidelines for maximum indoor air quality.

At this point, if you have need for effective mold removal and remediation solutions, you can call us after contacting your insurance company and we will come and take care of everything from A-Z – also billing your insurance directly – to your convenience.